Fundraising on Kiva

Greetings Star Children!

This week, I launched a Microlending/Crowdfunding campaign on Kiva to fund my upcoming appearance at FanX: Salt Lake Comic Convention. I am applying for a loan to get an infusion of capital necessary to make my very first appearance at a convention as an artist. I need to pay for my 6-foot by 12-foot booth space, inventory, advertising, and other expenses related to attending this event. This loan will allow me to attend the event, reach new customers, and establish myself in the community, moving me closer to my goal of supporting myself with my art. I hope that this will also help build my business credit and reputation, allowing me to do even more events.

I would love it if you could all put a little into making this a reality for me.

If you’re not comfortable making a loan, I am selling Limited Edition Holographic Prints of my painting “Big Sky Country” on the webstore. Each print is numbered and signed by yours truly and ships for free!

I am also running a raffle with over $3000 in prizes that ends this Friday, June 4th 2021.

To all of you who have gone above and beyond already to support me, my gratitude is boundless. You keep me focused on my goal and make all the work worth it!

Ad Astra!

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